The body gives us an alarm every time something is wrong with it. So, pain is one symptom showing that something is going wrong with our body, and we need to take care of it. But when we ignore the pain, it gets worse and leads to major problems. Similarly, in the case of spinal stenosis, the initial pain is generally ignored by people, and later, it increases and leads to difficult conditions. 

Spinal stenosis is majorly caused by aging, but some other factors also contribute to stenosis. If you live in Memorial Area and you are facing a spinal stenosis problem, you have the facility to approach medical facilitators. You are not bound to move out of the city for spinal stenosis Memorial Area; you can resolve the issue immediately. 

What are the Causes of Spinal Stenosis? 

Spinal stenosis occurs when the open space in the spine reduces and pressure increases. So this leads to spinal stenosis. But how does the space reduce? There are various reasons for it:

  • Wear and tear of bones leads to extra bone, reducing the space within the spines. 
  • If there is a herniated disc or the leakage of the inner material from soft cushion-like discs, it reduces the space. 
  • If the spines already have tumors, it can lead to spinal stenosis. 
  • The trauma or injury on the spines also reduces space within the spines, creating pain and spinal stenosis.

Do’s for Treating Spinal Stenosis

  • The first thing to do when you find symptoms of numbness, pain, tingling or weakness, you should first consult your doctor for better care. 
  • Exercise daily and do physiotherapy to keep your body active. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet and also your weight. It is because obesity will put pressure on and spines are affected by it. 
  • You should maintain good posture to ensure no deliberate pressure from your side affects the spines. 
  • Include nutritious and healthy food in your diet. 

Don’ts for Treating Spinal Stenosis

  • While doing exercise, don’t lift heavy weights. You must keep your body active, not putting extra effort or pressure on it. So, do exercises with ease. 
  • Don’t neglect the pain at first. You should not start with self-medication as it will not solve but aggravate the issue. 
  • Don’t follow a sedentary lifestyle, and avoid eating junk food. 

Spinal Stenosis is easily recognizable through its symptoms, so as soon as you feel the symptoms, you should consult a doctor and physiotherapist for medication and exercises.