According to most people, root canal therapy is a phrase that is commonly used to refer to dental torture because they always think that the treatment is accompanied by severe pain. However, it is not the case because the therapy is relatively painless and focuses on alleviating pain and improving oral health. In most cases, root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp cavity to help save the decayed tooth at risk of being lost. You can therefore be on the lookout for root canals Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, therapy, especially if you have a decayed tooth and want to save it to preserve your smile. Some of the reasons why you might require root canal therapy include the following:


Your teeth comprise three layers: the enamel, dentine, and pulp cavity. Of importance to understand is that you usually develop tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene, which causes a whole to develop the enamel and dentine, thus allowing bacteria to reach the pulp cavity that contains nerves and blood vessels. In such situations, you are usually experiencing a lot of pain because the nerves in your tooth have been irritated. Therefore, root canal therapy helps remove the infected pulp cavity, and fillings are added to prevent the re-entry of food and bacteria, thus saving your tooth and reducing pain.


A tooth can get infected in various ways, including periodontitis, tooth decay, or cracked tooth. It is through these ways that bacteria can enter your tooth, thus causing pain due to nerve irritation. Therefore, in case of a tooth infection, your care provider may recommend root canal therapy which removes the infected pulp, thus alleviating pain.

Concerns with previous fillings

Suppose your filling gets compromised due to poor oral hygiene. In that case, your care provider may require you to undergo root canal therapy because it can begin allowing bacteria and food particles into the pulp cavity, thus re-infecting your tooth. Therefore, if your filling becomes compromised or has stayed for too long, you should consider undergoing root canal treatment.

Cracked tooth

You can crack your tooth by practicing damaging habits such as clenching, grinding, chewing objects, or ice chewing. Therefore, depending on the severity and depth of the crack, your dentist may recommend various treatments, such as root canal therapy. If the crack has not reached the pulp cavity, your care provider may recommend root canal treatment and a crown other than filling.

Repeated procedures on your tooth

Every time a procedure is done on your tooth, it is often predisposed, especially if it has deep and large fillings. In some cases, it can result in a condition known as chronic pulpitis due to the entry of bacteria into the pulp cavity. Eventually, the infection causes the pulp cavity to die, thus resulting in pain and other symptoms. In such a case, your care provider may recommend root canal therapy.

Thanks to the advanced technology in dentistry, dentists can restore decayed teeth without having to remove them. Therefore, you should consider undergoing root canal therapy, especially if you have decayed teeth. You can schedule your appointment at Brooklyn City Dental today and undergo root canal therapy to help alleviate pain and other symptoms you might be experiencing and still retain your natural tooth.