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Benefits of Cassava for Body Health

The many benefits derived from cassava for the body health come from the many nutrients in one cassava fruit. The nutritional content contained in cassava, such as protein, sodium, potassium, vitamin C to magnesium. Besides containing many benefits and rich in nutrients, cassava also has a delicious taste. No wonder this type of tuber is often used as an ingredient in various types of food such as chips, cakes and various other types of food. The following are the clinically proven benefits of cassava for body health.

1. Overcome High Blood Pressure

As mentioned above, consuming cassava is one way to deal with high blood pressure. Potassium contained in cassava can lower blood pressure levels and can help balance sodium intake which increases blood pressure.

2. Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

The next benefit of cassava is that it can reduce the risk of diabetes. This is because cassava contains flavonoids and is rich in fiber which can control blood sugar levels. So that cassava is often used as a staple food for diabetics to replace rice.

3. Lose Weight

Although it contains many nutrients, cassava is a low calorie food. Therefore, consuming cassava regularly can help you lose weight and is very suitable to be included in your diet menu list. Apart from that, the fiber in cassava also has a positive impact on the gut microbiome, increasing feelings of fullness.

4. Accelerate wound healing

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Primary Care

Unfortunately, many people see the need for a doctor the moment they are unwell. Avoiding seeing your physician even when you are healthy means delaying preventive care and may set you up for serious and unexpected health issues soon. This is why it’s essential to associate yourself with the primary care practice San Pedro for a promising healthy life. Primary care providers specialize in family and internal medicine, enabling them to do regular health checkups and stabilize any arising health concerns. You should see your primary care doctor more often than any other doctor. This is because they are responsible for preventive care that ensures your health safety in the long run. That said, here are the top five reasons why you should consider primary care services.  

1.     Your primary care physician understands your health better

No other healthcare doctor can comprehend your entire health state as the primary care provider. Your primary care physician is someone you often see; thus, your relationship with them is vibrant. During the visits, you get checked on your health condition and discuss family health and medical history, which gives your doctor a clear picture of your general health. This equips your provider with techniques to prevent diseases and offer lifestyle modifications where necessary.

2.     Primary care physicians care for you in the lifetime

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Things You Can Expect From a Visit to Your OBGYN

A gynecologist is a health provider that specializes in female reproductive health. On the other hand, an obstetrician’s job is to care for your health during and after pregnancy and deliver your baby. An OBGYN is a doctor trained to handle the work of a gynecologist and an obstetrician. Therefore, you may need the services of an OBGYN Trinity, Florida specialist for cancer screening, treatment of reproductive tract infections, or surgery for your pelvic organ. An OBGYN can also help you deal with issues about birth control, menopause, and child delivery.

The work of your OBGYN is to professionally help you if you have health problems that are sensitive and personal. Therefore, you should not hesitate, be troubled, or feel embarrassed if you are thinking about going to the office of an ob-gyn.

One of the ways you can ensure you feel comfortable and very open to discussing sensitive health issues is to find the right ob-gyn. You can find an OBGYN you trust by getting recommendations from your primary health provider, a friend, or a family member such as your mother or sister.

When choosing an ob-gyn, you may have to consider factors like gender, experience, qualifications, and attitude during service provision. For instance, in terms of the gender factor, you may find yourself more comfortable dealing with a female OBGYN than a male one.

When you visit the ob-gyn’s office

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