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Top Six Benefits Women Get From Uterine Fibroids Embolization

Women experience several conditions that hamper their general well-being. Uterine fibroids tumor is one of the common issues some women encounter at some point. However, these fibroids are noncancerous or non-threatening. If you have different symptoms of these tumors, uterine fibroid embolization Houston, TX, is an effective treatment option you can consider. The procedure has several benefits motivating many women to try it, so do not be let out. Keep reading this article to know the top six benefits women get from uterine fibroids embolization (UFE).

UFE Is a Non-Invasive Procedure

This treatment option does not require any incisions. Instead, your doctor makes a small nick in your skin which does not need to be stitched closed. As a result, you will only lose a small amount of blood. Therefore, the recovery time is also less than for a hysterectomy. Therefore, do not fear undergoing a knife during this treatment. Thus, UFE can be the right solution for your fibroids if you are afraid of surgery.

The Procedure Addresses Adenomyosis

Besides addressing uterine fibroids, healthcare providers safely use UFE to manage adenomyosis. UFE can effectively address painful symptoms of adenomyosis in little time. During the procedure, your provider uses ultrasound to direct the catheter into the bloodstream, which supplies blood to adenomyosis tissue. In the process, your doctor inserts tiny particles into your adenomyosis tissue to clog the blood flow, make it shrink, and finally die off.

It Does Not Cause Scars

Since uterine fibroids embolization is minimally invasive, … Read More

5 Benefits of Visiting an Orthopedic Doctor

Orthopedic physicians specialize in the detection, therapy, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases. Individuals frequently seek Mitchell Hip and Knee orthopedic care once the discomfort worsens. However, this approach is not advisable, as early identification and treatment can frequently prevent the misery associated with musculoskeletal issues, and shorten the healing period. Here are several advantages of consulting an orthopedist.

1. Eliminate or Reduce Pain

Pain elimination or reduction is unquestionably the most prevalent reason individuals seek orthopedic therapy. Whether the discomfort results from an injury or an illness, an orthopedic physician can identify the problem and offer appropriate therapy.

Osteoarthritis is among the most typical causes of chronic pain. An orthopedic physician may offer pain management solutions that reduce swelling and damage to joint health. Common pain management solutions include injection therapy, physical therapy, viscosupplementation, and bracing.

2. Avoid Injuries

Most individuals seek an orthopedic specialist only when experiencing issues that interfere with their daily activities and lives. However, you do not need to be in pain or suffering from an injury to profit from seeing an orthopedist.

You are more prone to injuries if you are an athlete or physically active. By collaborating with an orthopedist, your doctor can choose strategies to help you avoid injuries, including suggesting appropriate protective gear, warm-up and cool-down exercises, and more.

3. Restore Healthy Joint Function

When attempting to move a joint afflicted by an injury or condition such as arthritis, you might encounter stiffness and limited motion range. The inability to … Read More

Top Indicators of Low Testosterone in Men

Most people consider a man to be a man due to factors such as bravery and determination. However, the testosterone hormone can have a greater impact on being a male. The hormones play a crucial role in hair growth, sex drive, muscle mass, and fertility. Unfortunately, the increased Los Angeles low testosterone cases are increasingly becoming a nightmare for many men. Low levels of these hormones may occur due to high blood pressure, obesity, and drug abuse. The question is how you can tell you have low testosterone. Below are significant signs in men.

Decreased Bone Mass

Osteoporosis is a condition several individuals mainly link with females. However, men struggling with low levels of testosterone hormones can suffer from bone loss. Testosterone is essential in producing and strengthening bone; thus, if a man has low levels, particularly aged men, they are more prone to bone fractures.

Small Penis and Testicle Size

Your body needs testosterone to create a penis and testicles. Therefore, low testosterone levels can lead to extremely smaller testicles or penis. However, other factors can lead to smaller testicles and the penis, including hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.

Troubled Memory

The testosterone levels and cognitive functions, often memory, decreases with age. As a result, healthcare practitioners have hypothesized that low levels of testosterone can cause damage to your memory. Recently, studies suggest that testosterone supplementation is associated with enhanced memory in aged men struggling with low testosterone, although the effect may be small. Nevertheless, another research did not note any memory … Read More

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