Joint pain is a common problem, with prevalence rates higher in older adults. The problem can significantly impact the quality of your life, especially with the limited range of motions and mental impact of the pain, emphasizing the need for practical management. A Federal Way adult gerontology nurse practitioner can help you manage the pain with joint injection therapy. Injections have dominated the sports injuries treatment field for musculoskeletal concerns due to their many notable benefits. Among the top reasons to choose injection therapy includes:

Minimally-invasive joint pain relief

Joint pain may fail to respond to topical or oral medication. This does not mean surgery is inevitable. Joint surgery offers effective pain relief, but its invasive nature exposes you to many risks and complications. Surgery is usually the last resort considering risks like infection and bleeding. Injection therapy can offer relief where other conservative options fail. This is more so with its precision, targeting specific pain areas. Since the therapy only involves injecting a needle, it is a minimally-invasive treatment ideal for many, including those that may not qualify for surgery.

Fast outpatient procure

Injection therapy does not require extensive preparation. After the initial consultation to establish if you are a good candidate, the rest happens fast and on an outpatient basis. This means no downtime, such as with surgical treatments. You can have the injection and continue with your routine. This is more so with the almost instant pain relief the injections deliver.

Versatile joint pain treatment

Joint injection’s precision means they can be used in almost every area. This includes your wrist, elbow, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and sacroiliac joints. The injections help manage various inflammatory disorders affecting the joints, like osteoarthritis, tendinitis, fasciitis, bursitis, and synovitis. The best part is that injections can complement other treatments for optimal results. Such versatility is among the top reasons injection therapy continues to attract many struggling with joint or musculoskeletal problems.

Lasting pain relief

Joint injections offer lasting relief, especially compared to pain medication. Most pain relievers require you to take them daily or as needed. That is not the case with injection therapy, and while the impact is not the same for everyone, you can realize pain relief spanning a few months. The duration depends on factors like the cause of the joint pain and the damage extent.

Fewer side effects

Mediation reliance exposes you to many side effects, some that are not in relation to the pain or its cause. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can, for example, cause side effects like an allergic reaction, dizziness, drowsiness, and stomach problem, which are not related to joints. Long-term use also increases the risk of kidney disease. Joint pain injections have fewer side effects and mainly affect the target area. You can experience swelling and pain in the injection area, but this often subsides quickly.

Joint pain can cause stress and depression, especially as it can affect your sleep and other activities. Joint injections can help alleviate pain and lead a more active life. Contact Prudent Medical Providers for more on joint injection therapy.