Retainers are a good option to maintain your perfect smile after undergoing orthodontic teeth straightening treatment. They help maintain your teeth in the new position and prevent future shifting. The Greenwich retainers specialists can customize the devices to suit your preferences and unique smile. Replacing retainers can be expensive. Therefore, it is critical to maintaining them for the long-term good. Your doctor can advise you on the care you need to give your retainers to maintain them and minimize the chances of complications. Here are some care tips for you.

Use the Retainers Strictly as Instructed

You have a new smile, and nothing can stop you from showing it to the world. However, do not be over-excited and forget the importance of a retainer. In most cases, you might be required to wear the device at all times during your initial stages, depending on the nature of your teeth. Your doctor can adjust that later after you use the retainers for a while. Stick to the plan, especially for the first days where the retainer must be on always or most of the time. Your doctor can recommend adjustments once your jawbone and gums have stabilized your new smile. 

Do Not Eat with the Retainer

Yes! It would help if you had the retainer in your mouth, but eating with them can do more harm than good. Your doctor can advise you to remove them when you eat and be sure to get them soon after you are done. The retainers can be damaged when eating with them or a trap for food particles dangerous to your overall well-being. You can also brush your teeth after eating before you put your retainer back to avoid trapping particles in between.

Switch to a Mouthguard During Sports

Retainers are there to preserve your smile but do not offer much protection against contact sports. They can also be damaged during some sporting activities, and wearing the right protection is important. A mouthguard can offer more protection to your teeth than a retainer during sports. You might have to remove the retainer since you cannot wear the mouthguard. It is important to get a customized mouthguard to fit your new smile and act in place of the retainer for the time you will be enjoying your sport.

Properly Store Your Retainer

You are to have your retainer most of the time, but there are exceptional times when you might need to remove them. It would help if you carried the retainer casing for such special moments. Store the retainer in the case when eating or engaging in sporting activities for safety. Although some people wrap the retainer in a paper towel, napkin, or tissue, that risks being thrown away mistakenly. Additionally, avoid leaving your retainer in direct sunlight as it can be warped and fail to fit as intended.

Clean Your Retainer

It is important to clean your retainer often. You can brush the retainer with your teeth and rinse it under cool water. Also, you can soak your retainer but be careful with the cleaning agents you use. Vinegar is harmful to retainers, but you can consider using a baking soda mixture. Also, it would help if you never used bleach on your retainers.

Retainers can effectively maintain your new perfect smile until it stabilizes. Contact the Greenwich Dentistry retainer specialists for more information. Request a retainer consultation appointment online or via a call today to get started.