One of the most researched areas in medicine is aging. Most people prefer to keep their youthful skin, which indicates vitality and beauty, for many years. Unfortunately, the aging process is inevitable, causing unappealing saggy skin. Modern medicine and public health practices are coming up with various ways to slow down aging, allowing people to enjoy long-lasting vitality in their skin, thus boosting their confidence. Christopher J. Riegel, M.D., is Plano anti-aging & hormone specialist who understands the effects of aging on the endocrine system and recommends hormone replacement therapy to help slow down the symptoms of aging and restore a patient’s attractive skin.

What Causes Aging?

The most significant factor that determines how fast you age is your lifestyle. Active smokers experience blood flow restriction in vessels, thus promoting tissue stiffening. Excessive alcohol consumption also influences the vitality of specific body organs, causing damage or the development of diseases like cancer. Eliminating these destructive habits and adopting healthy nutrition and exercise routines can preserve vitality and restore optimal functionality in body organs.

How Hormones Contribute To Aging

Hormone fluctuations begin in midlife. In women, changes in hormone levels start during perimenopause and are the cause of menopausal symptoms. Men experience gradual testosterone decline in their 30s. These changes in sex hormone levels directly affect aging by causing various symptoms, including loss of bone density, changes in libido, and skin texture. Scientists are trying to understand other effects of these hormone changes and thus develop appropriate treatment plans that support vitality and overall well-being.

Can HRT Slow Aging?

Scientific advancements are a long way toward eliminating the effects of aging. However, various treatments, including hormone replacement therapy, promise to minimize the physical symptoms of aging and restore a youthful appearance in patients. The key to an effective anti-aging medicine is collaborating with practitioners with special training and experience in diagnosing and treating symptoms of tissue damage due to aging.

Hormone replacement therapy addresses the effects of hormone imbalance helping patients look and feel their best. This treatment also helps eliminate potential side effects of declining sex hormones. For example, testosterone replacement in men and women promotes a healthier metabolism and increased energy. Women who undergo estrogen therapy report healthier and younger-looking skin.

Patients should appreciate the unique nature of the aging process that presents differently at varying speeds. It is important to collaborate with knowledgeable practitioners that appreciate patients’ concerns and develops an appropriate treatment and management plan, including supportive diets and exercises that can restore vitality. The right practitioner will recommend safe and effective medications to slow down aging, including nutritional supplements and replacement hormones.

Do not let aging cause your declined energy and lack of confidence in yourself. Consider treatments like hormone replacement therapy that rejuvenate your body organs, boosting your vitality. Collaborate with an experienced practitioner to develop an ideal management plan to keep you in good health. Contact The Riegel Center to discuss your concerns with an anti-aging specialist and begin a personalized plan to let you live your life comfortably.