Most people are sensitive about their smile since they know that it affects their appearance. This is why they are determined to treat any condition affecting their smile. Even though individuals suffer from various dental conditions, one common one is misaligned teeth. Since this condition is uncomfortable, most people usually have braces or Invisalign to align their teeth. After the teeth are aligned, individuals use retainers anaheim to maintain the teeth in this position. The following are the main reasons why people are using retainers.

Protects the Teeth from Shifting

One of the worries that individuals worry about after removing Invisalign or bracelets is that the teeth could start to shift again. Retainers solve this problem since they are customized in a way that they will maintain the individual structure of their teeth by preventing drifting. You should be cautious about how you wear your retainers in the first month. The main reason is how you wear it will affect the position the teeth will remain.

Helps to Maintain Oral Hygiene

One of the factors that affect the teeth’ hygiene is how the teeth have been arranged. In most instances, the straighter the teeth, the easier to clean. For instance, crooked teeth can create crevices and grooves, which can host food debris and bacteria. Furthermore, there are instances where the brush could fail to remove some food remains. The retainers will solve this problem by maintaining the teeth in a straight position and helping the person easily clean them.

It Helps in Speech and Breathing

 Even though most people ignore it, the teeth’s arrangement affects the individual’s speech and breathing. For instance, when you have misaligned teeth, airflow could be interfered with. Furthermore, the misalignment could make it difficult for you to pronounce certain words. This instance could make the person self-conscious. This instance could make the person fail to speak because they worry that their peers would make fun of them. The retainers will maintain the teeth straight, solving speech and breathing problems.

Protects Tongue Thrust

One of the oral conditions that individuals have is tongue thrust. This is an instance where the individual’s tongue protrudes forward when they are speaking, swallowing, or when their tongue is resting. This instance would make the person uncomfortable since the tongue is not in its natural position. Furthermore, the tongue thrust can interfere with the aligned teeth. For instance, they can push the recently straightened teeth, destroying your smile. The retainers can help to solve this problem by maintaining the teeth in the right position.

It Helps to Avoid Clenching

Our bodies are often designed to respond slowly to various transformations. For instance, various parts could struggle to adapt after the person removes the braces or Invisalign. For instance, the jaw could clench as it adapts to new experiences. The person could also have instances of headaches and teeth grinding. The retainers help to solve this problem since they are designed in a way that will prevent the jaw from clenching. 

Most people admire having an outstanding smile. This instance prompts them to embrace measures that help them to achieve this smile. Even though most people start the process, a large percentage usually finish completing the process. The main reason is that the individuals feel the procedure has taken a long time. This instance makes them return to the previous state or worsens the condition. However, you should refrain from following this trend. Ensure that when you start the dental treatment, you will be committed until you complete the process.