There can be a number of situations where it is useful to take a paternity test. With an at home paternity test you can find out if the tested, so the child and presumed father, are really biologically related or not. But what are situations when it’s useful to do a paternity test? We want to shed more light on that in this blog.

For your own peace of mind

One of the main reasons why people choose to take a home paternity test is for their own peace of mind. If the mother has had sex with multiple people during the time she has become pregnant, it is difficult to determine who the father of the child is. This can cause stress and nervousness. A home DNA testing kit can then give back peace of mind by showing whether or not the person tested is the father of the child. This way people no longer have to walk around with stress and of course this is ultimately much better to know for the child as well.

For court cases

People are also often encouraged to take a paternity test as an aid in litigation. This is because child custody may need to be determined in case of a divorce. The biological father and mother of a child are legally responsible for the child. If there is no official biological relationship between the father and the child, this can affect the judge’s and jury’s judgment. So, for a court case to proceed properly according to the laws and rules, a paternity test is often needed. This is not only the case with a divorce, but also, for example, for determination of child support. It can therefore be demanded in various cases that a paternity test needs to be taken. In most of these cases, this is all arranged through a lawyer.

Clarity for the child

Paternity tests are not only done when the child is just born. In fact, the paternity test can be taken at a much later age. Children who are not sure who their biological father is usually want to get some clarity about this. If the mother cannot provide this clarity, then a paternity test can be done to still determine who the biological father is. We do recommend parents to be sensitive and understanding in dealing with this situation, because the results can have a great impact on the child’s life.