Are you currently pregnant? When you are pregnant, you can sometimes suffer from hormones. These hormones can sometimes do crazy things to you. It is often the case that when you are pregnant you cannot wait for the baby to arrive. But will the little monster that grows inside you be a boy or a girl? The sex can only be determined by a doctor after 12 weeks. However, you can’t always wait that long. A first option to determine whether it is a boy or girl can be done by taking a chance, for example. The chance that you got it right is already fifty percent. It takes a very long time before you find out, couldn’t that be easier? But of course you do.

Gambling or really knowing?

You probably know them; the baby gender predictor. There are many baby gender predictor tests that can help you determine the sex of your child. There are many different baby gender predictor tests available. For example, it can be determined by a questionnaire, but you also have a baby gender predictor test that can determine whether you are having a boy or a girl based on the dates of birth. The internet is full of baby gender predictor tests. This way you can see if you often have the same result and whether it worked in the end. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Learn from the past

Have you been pregnant before? Then you can also use this as an indication to know whether you are going to have a boy or girl. Although every pregnancy is different, you can compare your previous pregnancies. Have you ever had both a boy and a girl? Then you can often compare and see what the sex of your unborn child will be.

It is true that the pregnancies of a girl and a boy are often different. For example, it is possible that with a boy you suffer from nausea much more, but with a girl you have to go to the toilet a lot. This differs per body and per pregnancy of a woman. So comparing with your girlfriend often doesn’t make much sense. When you are pregnant for the first time, you cannot compare your pregnancy with previous pregnancies. You can, however, look up what your symptoms mean on the internet. Who knows, you may well guess the sex of your baby and that’s good to know.