Ingrown toenails are painful since they grow into the surrounding skin from around the corners. Some people who develop this condition assume the nails will grow normally, which will worsen things. If you have such toenails, it would be best to visit any Kingston Ingrown Toenails centers near you.

Those who do not seek treatment will suffer some problems that we will identify shortly. Before visiting any center, you can try home remedies like applying petroleum jelly or soaking your toes in warm water. Without further ado, here are issues you will face if you do not treat ingrown toenails.

Foot Ulcers

Foot ulcers are wounds in the skin that take a long time to heal. They are normally shaped like wedges or craters. Sometimes they disappear only to reappear later. If the ulcers are severe, a doctor may recommend amputation.

Another alarming feature of foot ulcers is the various colors. You may get those that are black, grey, yellow, pink, and red. If you develop black ones, for instance, it means that many cells in the tissue are dead. This condition is necrosis, and it cannot be reversed.

Oozing Pus

Generally, the body produces pus as an immune response to an infection. It may be yellow, white, or clear. By this point, the infection has become worse and seeing the doctor immediately becomes necessary.

If your foot is producing some pus, you may be tempted to drain it out by squeezing the infected toe. Although it may seem like a technique for healing the toe, you will make things worse. Doing so only pushes more bacteria into the wounded toe, which worsens the infection. Instead, let the podiatrist treat the infected toe.


Osteomyelitis is an infection that affects the bones of the feet. It begins by first attacking the bones’ outer layers. If not treated immediately, it can lead to bone death. That occurs due to the bones not receiving sufficient blood circulation.

If the disease causes bone death, the doctor has to remove the infected bone surgically. After that, they will prescribe some painkillers.

Foul Smell

The smell that comes from the toe is similar to that of cheese. It is due to a combination of sweat, skin flakes, and staph aureus. The latter is a kind of bacteria that gives the toe a distinct bad odor.

Staph aureus thrives on sweaty feet. They consume sweat and excrete substances that cause a bad smell.


Toenails are quite sharp, so it is no surprise they cause bleeding as they tear into the flesh. Additionally, they cause the buildup of fluid in the skin. Any injury to the skin will lead to bleeding.


An ingrown toenail may seem like a minor problem, but it can cause serious problems. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to avoid such a condition. First, when trimming your toenails, avoid cutting them too short or in a curved direction. Another way to prevent ingrown toenails is by wearing shoes that fit properly. Lastly, you should avoid tearing the corners of your toenails.

However, there are uncontrollable factors that cause the condition, such as diabetes or sweaty feet. If you fall in any of these groups, having occasional checkups is apt.