Nothing ages you so quickly than droopy, loose skin. In the past, surgery was the only way to tighten and lift your skin. However, research by scientists has advanced this field, enabling skin tightening without invasive methods. Skin tightening is a procedure that aims to tighten the skin in parts of your body, like the eyes and face, to regain a smoother, firmer, and more youthful look. Yuba City skin tightening specialist Dr. Virpal Thiara can help you achieve the best outcomes. Read on to learn about the benefits of noninvasive skin tightening.

1. It Is Safe And Painless

Dr. Thiara offers both Exilis Ultra 360 and SkinTyte, which are FDA-approved methods for skin tightening. Exilis Ultra 360 uses ultrasounds with radiofrequency energy to cure wrinkles, lines, and loose skin.

SkinTyte ensures that cells regrow by using deep heating and infrared light technology. Furthermore, these treatments are noninvasive. Therefore, your treatments are very comfortable and have little or no side effects.

2. More Collagen

Collagen is a protein inside your nails, hair, and skin that give resilience and structure to the body. Sadly, the production of collagen in your body decreases as you grow older, leading to your loss of elasticity and plumpness.

Fortunately, skin tightening treatments can gently apply heat to your inner tissues, ensuring new cells grow and increase collagen. Additionally, the heat will contract the existing collagen causing your skin to be tighter and firmer.

3. No Downtime

In the past, after a facelift surgery or any other surgical skin treatment, you had to follow a post-procedure downtime. Fortunately, noninvasive skin tightening techniques do not require any significant downtime.

Immediately after you are done with your treatment, you are free to return to your activities of the day. Therefore, if you do not want to spend weeks recovering from surgery, noninvasive skin tightening therapy is for you.

4. Your Skin Looks Younger And More Natural

Results of patients who have undergone surgery show that the skin will sometimes look unnatural. Fortunately, noninvasive treatments utilize your body’s resources by adding volume where required and tightening your skin organically, making your skin look natural.

5. Fewer Wrinkles

Like a balloon that is full and then shrinks as it deflates, your skin will form wrinkles and sag, looking used, stretched, and old. Noninvasive skin tightening will address your concerns by utilizing the collagen that builds up in your skin, smoothing the surface of your skin until your wrinkles disappear.

6. Builds Your Self-Confidence

Having the perfect skin gives a person self-confidence while facing people. Looking at the pictures of you before your skin got those wrinkles can give you a self-esteem issue. Luckily, noninvasive skin tightening can address your aesthetic concerns and help you regain confidence.

There is a common misconception that skin tightening is a treatment for the aged. However, anybody, from teens to elderly adults, might have skin issues that require this procedure. Dr. Thiara of Haven Medpsa provides the best noninvasive treatment to address any skin issue. For further consultation, visit the office near you or schedule an appointment today via mobile or online.