When it comes to your age, the neck could be as revealing as the face. It is a frequently overlooked part of your body, and few individuals do anything to safeguard this part or address the aging signs that start to emerge. However, a neck lift surgery can help. This cosmetic treatment eliminates excess fat around the neck to create a more youthful-looking and defined neck. While the Scottsdale neck lift will not entirely halt the aging process, its outcomes are generally long-lasting. Continue reading to learn about the common reasons to consider neck lift surgery. 

1. Double Chin

The double chin, or unsightly fullness beneath the chin, is often associated with weight gain. Although this is accurate, several other factors affect the look of a double chin, including aging and genetics.

Nevertheless, if fat deposits are the main reason for your double chin, neck liposuction will probably be the recommended treatment to restore your neck’s slim and youthful look. However, if your skin loses its elasticity, neck lift surgery is the sole way to tighten it and eliminate the extra skin.

2. Poorly-Defined Jawline

While young, your face is fuller. However, as you grow older, you lose fullness in your cheeks, and the jawline begins to droop, which causes “jowls” to develop. A neck lift procedure can restore an ill-defined jawline’s look to a more pleasant and naturally youthful appearance.

Unfortunately, a neck lift surgery alone might be inefficient in delivering your desired outcomes. Often, specialists suggest combining a neck lift with a facelift since the region along the jawline is raised through the latter.

3. Turkey Neck

As highlighted earlier, your neck is not immune to the impacts of gravity and the slow breakdown of collagen as you age. Collage is the protein responsible for the firm look of your skin. As the underlying neck muscles weaken, you develop droopy neck skin, which eventually causes the “turkey neck.” If you have this issue, a neck lift can cut the excess skin and tighten the loose neck muscles, also known as platysma.

4. Vertical Bands

The neck muscles lie underneath fat layers. As you age, the fat padding reduces, eliminating the barrier between skin and muscle, which causes unappealing vertical bands that run from the chin down to Adam’s apple region. 

A neck lift is highly effective for moderate to more serious vertical neck bands. The procedure raises the skin of the neck and lower face, tightens the muscles, and re-drapes the skin.

Regular Botox injections also help relax some of these muscles that cause the vertical band-like look. However, these outcomes are only momentary, implying Botox is more efficient at avoiding the development of more extensive neck bands than addressing already existing ones.

5. Creases and Wrinkles

Neck creases and wrinkles generally result from muscle weakening, continued sunlight exposure, and collagen disintegration. A moderate-to-serious look of neck creases is treatable with neck lift surgery.

Ultherapy is a non-intrusive alternative to smooth out and raise the chin, and neck. Although this procedure will not duplicate the outcomes of a full neck lift surgery, it is a great alternative to reduce the look of neck creases and wrinkles if you are not ready to undergo surgery.

A neck lift surgery is among the cornerstones of facial rejuvenation that requires re-draping extra skin and repositioning muscles. However, as with other treatments, a neck lift is not a one-size-fits-all. You may not be the right candidate if you have unreasonable expectations, lack skin laxity, and cannot take a break from your routine activities to focus on recovery. Therefore, before electing to undergo surgery, have a pre-consultation to discuss your unique concerns and care goals to determine if you are the best fit.