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What Do Handwriting Evaluations Entail?

It can be discouraging if your child’s handwriting is messy and difficult to read. While you might perceive handwriting like any other skill, it requires hand strength, fine motor skills, visual coordination, and core strength. Alliance handwriting evaluations can help to assess your child’s handwriting difficulties and offer solutions to help them improve.

Handwriting problems are common in children with autism and developmental delays. Your specialist can offer treatment solutions to children of all ages.

When does your child need handwriting evaluations?

Your child needs handwriting evaluations when their handwriting is difficult to read. When reading your child’s notes, you might find that they are sloppy and messier than other children their age. If your child’s school performance is dropping because they are actively avoiding writing tasks, it is time to contact an expert for help.

If your child’s poor handwriting leads them to act out or withdraw from their friends or favorite games, there is a problem. Your child will engage in activities when they feel comfortable and certain of their abilities. If their handwriting falls short of that, you might need medical intervention to help them through their difficulties.

Handwriting problems can arise from impaired fine motor functioning or your child’s difficulty focusing or concentrating on one task. They might write in illegible handwriting if they also feel rushed when writing something. Other factors that can cause your child’s poor handwriting include poor posture, weak hand grip, and difficult eye and body coordination.

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Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a common complaint. It is often accompanied by symptoms like stiffness, posture problems, and muscle spasms. Anyone can have low back pain, but you are more likely to experience the problem if you are obese, have structural issues, or have an occupation that involves frequent bending or heavy lifting. In most cases, low back pain Glen Rock improves with rest, medications, and physical therapy. Severe low back pain can make moving, sleeping, or performing daily duties difficult. There are many causes of low back pain, and here are some.

Degenerative disc disease

Degenerative disc disease develops when the discs between your spinal vertebrae wear down. These discs act as cushions in your back, allowing you to bend and twist. When they degenerate, the vertebrae can start rubbing against each other, causing back pain. Back pain resulting from degenerative disc disease can worsen when you bend, twist, or lift but improve with walking or moving.


Sciatica is irritation due to compression of the sciatic nerve. It causes sharp back pain that radiates through your buttocks and down into your legs. You may experience additional symptoms like numbness or tingling that run down your leg. Your pain can worsen when you move or do sudden actions like sneezing or coughing. Spinal stenosis and herniated disc can lead to sciatica. You can treat mild sciatica at home with rest and over-the-counter medications. Severe sciatica may need steroid injections or surgery.

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of … Read More

FAQs About Surrogacy For Intended Parents

Nothing can be as devastating as trying to conceive for years without any results. Fertility problems can be accompanied by numerous causes, some of which are genetic, while others result from reproductive health issues. Regardless of the situation causing infertility, it can bring incredible joy for parents to hold their baby despite their fertility issues. If you have lost hope of bringing up a child of your own, then worry not since the intended parents San Diego services are your ultimate answer.  Let’s run through the answers to your frequently asked questions about surrogacy for intended parents.

Understanding surrogacy

Surrogacy is a process that incorporates a social arrangement between the surrogate mother and intended parents to carry the pregnancy for the intended parents. This process is legal, and the intended parents take full parental rights while the surrogate mother is compensated in exchange for her services.

Who are the ideal candidates for surrogacy?

Over the years, surrogacy for intended parents has increasingly become common for individuals looking to increase their families. However, you may want to consider surrogacy if you’ve struggled with infertility for years or cannot safely carry a pregnancy. Furthermore, prospective single parents and same-sex couples can benefit from surrogacy.

What chances of success are there with surrogacy?

While there is a higher possibility of success rate in surrogacy, this is typically influenced by the clinic you choose, the embryo’s health, and the surrogate mother’s fertility history. Also, your fertility clinic will help determine whether the surrogate mother … Read More

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