People with poor vision find it easier to work and do daily duties with the help of contact lenses. They are used by about 45 million Americans to correct their vision. 

Your corneas lie atop soft contact lenses, which are the same size as your corneas. The cornea is larger and harder than scleral contact lenses. They rest on your eyes’ sclera, or whites. This unique design of scleral contact lenses offers several benefits and has gained popularity for its ability to address various vision challenges.

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Beneficial for irregular corneas 

Scleral lenses are especially beneficial for individuals with irregular corneas, such as those with keratoconus, a condition characterized by a conical-shaped cornea. They also help in managing other conditions such as 

  • Severe dry eye syndrome
  • Post-corneal transplant complications
  • Irregular astigmatism resulting from eye injuries or surgeries. 

These lenses provide a smooth and consistent optical surface, compensating for the corneal irregularities and providing improved visual acuity.

Visit a Chicago optician

For those seeking assistance with scleral lenses in Chicago, opticians play a crucial role in the fitting and management process. These professionals possess the expertise to evaluate each patient’s unique ocular characteristics and vision requirements. 

A Chicago optician can ensure the precise measurement and fitting of scleral lenses, maximizing comfort and visual clarity.

The fitting process begins with a comprehensive eye examination and corneal mapping to determine the exact shape and size of the eye. This information is crucial for crafting customized scleral lenses that provide a comfortable fit and optimal vision correction. 

An optician will guide patients through lens insertion, removal, and proper care techniques, as these lenses require specific maintenance routines.

Ongoing follow-up appointments with a Chicago optician are essential to monitor the lenses’ performance and the eye’s response to the lens. Adjustments can be made to the fit or prescription as needed. This personalized approach ensures that patients experience the best possible vision outcome and comfort.


Scleral contact lenses are an advanced solution catering to individuals with challenging vision problems. Their innovative design and customization make them effective for various eye conditions, providing improved visual acuity and comfort. 

For those seeking scleral lenses in Chicago, opticians are well-equipped to guide patients through the fitting process, ensuring the lenses are tailored to their specific needs. 

This collaborative effort between patients and opticians highlights the remarkable potential of scleral lenses in transforming the lives of those with complex vision requirements.