Most people consider a man to be a man due to factors such as bravery and determination. However, the testosterone hormone can have a greater impact on being a male. The hormones play a crucial role in hair growth, sex drive, muscle mass, and fertility. Unfortunately, the increased Los Angeles low testosterone cases are increasingly becoming a nightmare for many men. Low levels of these hormones may occur due to high blood pressure, obesity, and drug abuse. The question is how you can tell you have low testosterone. Below are significant signs in men.

Decreased Bone Mass

Osteoporosis is a condition several individuals mainly link with females. However, men struggling with low levels of testosterone hormones can suffer from bone loss. Testosterone is essential in producing and strengthening bone; thus, if a man has low levels, particularly aged men, they are more prone to bone fractures.

Small Penis and Testicle Size

Your body needs testosterone to create a penis and testicles. Therefore, low testosterone levels can lead to extremely smaller testicles or penis. However, other factors can lead to smaller testicles and the penis, including hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.

Troubled Memory

The testosterone levels and cognitive functions, often memory, decreases with age. As a result, healthcare practitioners have hypothesized that low levels of testosterone can cause damage to your memory. Recently, studies suggest that testosterone supplementation is associated with enhanced memory in aged men struggling with low testosterone, although the effect may be small. Nevertheless, another research did not note any memory improvement in men struggling with low levels, even with testosterone supplementation.

Erectile Dysfunction

Males can experience challenges in attaining and maintaining erections with low testosterone levels. However, with a normal erection, testosterone hormones facilitate tissues in your penis to develop nitric oxide that begins many reactions that lead to an erection. However, this situation cannot occur if you have low testosterone levels.

Changes In Body Composition

Testosterone hormones are essential in the production of muscles in the body. Therefore, if you have low levels, it can be difficult for muscles to pack, even if you go to the gym. Instead, your body becomes proficient in putting on body fat. Sometimes you can develop the dreaded man boobs known as gynecomastia.


Men with low testosterone are more susceptible to reporting excessive fatigue and decreased energy. They are likely to have low levels due to consistently being tired regardless of getting sufficient sleep or find it difficult to be inspired to exercise. Thus, you should consult a physician if you are experiencing unusual fatigue.

Thinning Body Hair

Low testosterone levels can also have a massive effect on your hair. It makes you lose some pubic and facial hair or hair in the arms or lower legs. You should be aware that there is a strong link between testosterone therapy and the balding pattern in men. You should consult your doctor to learn more about the side effects of testosterone treatments.

Low levels of testosterone can massively affect the quality of your life. For instance, you are more likely to have affected memory, troubled sleeping, declined sex drive, loss of hair, and erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, your doctor can recommend effective testosterone procedures, including testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), to solve the issue. Thus, if you are struggling with one of these issues, it is important to seek treatment to return to your normal life.