Orthobiologics use natural materials for helping heal musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Doctors may use orthobiologics minneapolis mn as an alternative or in addition to other treatments like surgery. Orthobiologics are used for promoting body healing. Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are natural orthobiologics. Synthetic options include biodegradable scaffolds. These treatments are found to effectively treat tendinopathies, arthritis, and cartilage damage. Also, people with fractures and tendon or ligament tears may benefit from this treatment.

Treatment at the Source

Those who are considering orthobiologic treatment will get therapeutic injections in the affected area. The treatment contains bodily healing elements such as blood platelets, adipose tissue, and bone marrow stem cells. These substances that naturally occur in the body are essential for healing. When used for orthobiologic treatment, they trigger the healing process, causing the return of healthy new cells to the affected area and healing the body without masking the symptoms. 

Benefits of Orthobiologic Treatment

A lot of patients consider orthobiologic treatment due to the following benefits it offers:

  • Natural substances. Orthobiologic treatment does not depend on chemicals or drugs. Instead, it utilizes the body’s natural substances. Thus, there is a lower risk involved than other treatment options.
  • Pain and inflammation relief. Studies reveal that orthobiologics may help with new tissue development and inflammation reduction. Such a combination can alleviate chronic pain. Orthobiologics can address pain due to soft tissue injuries. But it can also effectively treat pain because of degeneration such as osteoarthritis and strained muscles. 
  • Fewer complications. As orthobiologics naturally come from the body, they come with few complications. Often, patients can only experience minor discomfort and tenderness at the injection site. Such symptoms mean the healing process is ongoing and they will disappear once healthy new cells have returned to the treated site.
  • Fast recovery time. The majority of those who undergo orthobiologic treatment can quickly return to their routine. Often, patients will only need to take a week of rest after treatment. Strengthening exercises and progressive range of motion exercises should follow this rest. 

Who Can Benefit from Orthobiologic Treatment

People who have suffered from a musculoskeletal injury or condition and haven’t gained relief from other treatment options should consider orthobiologics. Orthobiologic treatment can treat musculoskeletal injuries like tendon tears, tendinopathies, and cartilage damage. Also, the treatment can effectively address arthritis and muscle strains. Those who are thinking about undergoing the treatment must visit an orthopedic surgeon to discuss their options.