A urinalysis is a test that examines a patient’s urine sample to identify kidney or urinary tract-related problems. It can also be done to analyze different visual, chemical, and microscopic factors of your urine that help in determining your overall health. A single sample of urine can help in detecting different health conditions. Liver and kidney-related issues can easily be identified along with diabetes through urinalysis. Let us read why Sugar Land urinalysis is considered an important test to detect health conditions:

Diagnose health issues

A urinalysis detects various aspects of your urine to check for the health condition or problems you’re suffering from. Also, due to the variety of tests that can be done using a single urine sample, it becomes an effective method for checking different problems, starting from your urinary tract infection to bad kidney function.


If you go to a clinic to get tested for different types of health problems, you may need to spend a lot for an overall check-up. However, a urinalysis uses one sample and is thus an economical option to check for multiple medical conditions related to your liver, kidney, diabetes, urinary bladder, and tract-related issues.

Monitoring your medical condition

If your health condition was detected using a urine sample then your doctor may ask you to get a repeat urinalysis for checking the progress in your health condition. Regular urinalysis will help monitor your medical condition better and keep track of your health record.

Pregnancy Detection

Sometimes a gynecologist can rely on a urinalysis to check for pregnancy. However, it is not a common test done for pregnancy detection because it may check for the substances not present in your urine to identify if you are pregnant. But it is still an important and effective method. 

The appearance, color, density, and concentration can help detect a range of disorders. The urologist will prescribe urinalysis depending on the region of your discomfort. And as per the report of your urinalysis, your doctor will further suggest tests or suggest medications for treatment. It is a simple test where you need to submit a sample of your urine in a container provided at the pathology lab. So, to conclude, when it comes to urinalysis, it is neither painful nor will cause any discomfort and is a safe process to check for medical conditions.