If you have constant back pain and want to try anything that can get you out of this pain, then this post is for you. The treatment options are varied and different from each other. The old traditional treatment that repairs the torn or damaged spinal disc leaves the patient with a bad side effect without relieving the pain.

With an apex pain specialist, you can get the Discseel® procedure Chandler within 24 hours. Physicians like Maziar Massrour, MD and Naveen Reddy, MD can complete the entire procedure in a single visit and you can return to your normal life routine within a day or so without any trouble. So, what are you waiting for? If you are having back pain, book your slots today. 

Discseel Procedure – What Is it?

The procedure is a non-surgical and minimally invasive lower back pain treatment perfect for herniated discs, disc disease, and sciatica. It treats all these conditions by u fibrin, a naturally formed form of fibrinogen during blood clotting. 

The beginning of the procedure happens with a consultation with the Doctors. During the process, ensure you are clear about your case with the doctor. If you have one, you get to discuss the injections, procedures, and your medical history. Then you start with a simple back examination and some time to prepare for the surgery. 

The procedure starts with an Annulogram, a pain-free test that helps identify any annular tear in the spinal disc that the discography and MRI cannot detect. X-Ray contrast is combined with antibiotics, and this mixture is injected in annulus fibrosus and the other parts of the spinal disc. 

By getting this done, the tear is visible to the doctors. Every spinal disc surrounding the area of pain gets tested, and the most suitable tear is selected among the others. The doctors do even approach the small tears prior to degeneration or herniation. Once the tear gets detected, two components are injected with the help of X-Ray fluoroscopy into the orthobiologic fibrin. 

The healing process for a pain-free life

This procedure seals the tear immediately and stops the leakage caused by the tear. After some time, the fibrin promotes the disc tissue to grow, which completes the healing process in about 3 to 6 months. It is a simple procedure to follow, and once it is done, you can get back home the same day without any trouble.