You might not know if you have fertility issues until you see a gynecologist or urologist. Unfortunately, people will attribute the lack of conceiving to infertility Buckhead even when they are fertile. You may experience temporary infertility due to issues such as hormonal problems or blocked fallopian tubes. Permanent infertility occurs when you lack healthy eggs or if your partner does not have healthy sperm. Fortunately, you can overcome infertility with home remedies and medical treatments. These are tips to overcome infertility and increase the chances of having healthy children.

Engage In Sexual Activities during the Ovulation Period

You have a short fertile window in your cycle during ovulation, which could be the best time to engage in sexual activities. The fertility window may last a few days to a week and mostly falls in the middle of the menstruation cycle. Therefore you should keep a reproduction calendar, making understanding your cycle possible. Engaging in sexual activities at this time increases the chances of conception as the sperm will meet the egg at the fallopian tube to fertilize, leading to uterine implantation.

Deal With Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is the leading cause of temporary infertility and may occur due to the reliance on hormonal birth control methods. Prolonged use of hormonal birth control leads to low estrogen production in the long run. Thus, your gynecologist will diagnose hormonal imbalance and offer hormonal supplements such as the pill that introduces synthetic estrogen and increases estrogen production.

Eat Healthily

The food you eat contributes to infertility problems; therefore, you should choose what you put on your plate carefully when trying to have children. You may eat whole grains, nuts, leafy vegetables, and dairy products as they offer balanced nutrition that supports a pregnancy. Additionally, your gynecologist will recommend zinc and folic acid as both increase the chances of conception and promote the growth of a healthy fetus.

Exercise and Lose Weight

Weight gain may affect your chances of conceiving, leading to hormonal imbalance. Thus, you should exercise and lose weight to increase the chances of conception. Additionally, obesity may result in complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

See a Urologist and Gynecologist

When a couple fails to have a child, the blame falls on the woman, but this should not be the case. A low sperm count reduces the chances of conceiving and having healthy children. Thus, you should let your partner see a urologist while you see a gynecologist for reproductive issues. Fortunately, the doctors will recommend remedies such as egg and sperm donations to deal with permanent infertility. You may go for surrogacy if you have issues with the uterus, as an unhealthy uterus will not carry a child to term.

Most people face infertility due to lifestyle changes resulting in obesity and poor nutrition. Therefore, you can eat healthy food and exercise to deal with temporary infertility. Your doctor may recommend folic and zinc supplements that support the fetus’s growth. Additionally, you may need to deal with hormonal imbalance and see a gynecologist and urologist for permanent fertility issues. Engaging in sexual activities during the ovulation window may increase the chances of conception. Furthermore, you should deal with stress and mental health issues like anxiety to alleviate infertility.