vegetarianSomeone who does not eat meat This includes fish and poultry , though some folks claim to be ‘modified vegetarians’ and can eat these. 10 tips: Healthy eating for vegetarians. Other non-dairy sources of protein embody eggs and meat alternate options, equivalent to tofu, mycoprotein (resembling Quorn), textured vegetable protein and tempeh. Diets that embrace no fish or eggs are low in EPA and DHA.

Dried beans and peas, lentils, enriched cereals, complete-grain merchandise, dark leafy inexperienced greens, and dried fruit are good sources of iron. This vitamin is discovered solely in some fortified foods and in meals produced from animals, equivalent to meats, eggs, and milk merchandise.

Dairy products, corresponding to milk, cheese, yogurt and butter, are included. Contrary to fashionable belief, most vegetarians usually have sufficient protein and calcium (present in dairy products) in their weight loss program. The difference is that individuals who establish as vegetarians choose not to eat sure things.

Some causes are: the principle of nonviolence ( ahimsa ) applied to animals; a hundred seventy five the intention to offer only “pure” (vegetarian) meals to a deity and then to receive it again as prasad ; and the conviction that a sattvic food plan is useful for a wholesome body and mind and that non-vegetarian meals will not be advisable for a greater mind and for non secular development.