Before getting into the details and anticipated benefits of IV therapy, we should dive into the aspect of understanding what IV therapy is. IV therapy is a method via which fluids that might contain nutrition, medicine, etc, are directly released into the bloodstream through the usage of a vein. This intravenous therapy uses the presence of tiny plastic tubing which gets connected to the vein with the help of a needle.

The first record usage of IV therapy dates back to 1492. Since then, the therapy has gone through several stages of evolution, leading up to perfection and an increase in the effectiveness of the same. With the help of experience based on 600 years of practical research, we can now offer IV therapy to individuals who have the desire to boost their health with the assistance of vitamin infusion in their bloodstream. There do exist several benefits of IV therapy of West Hollywood Luxbae

What kind of additional benefits may I receive from IV therapy?

1. If you have been facing the problem of dehydration, you can consider the application of IV therapy. With the help of the same, you can conduct vitamin infusion in your body. This will help you fight fatigue, headache, and even brain fog. Essential electrolytes, like magnesium, potassium, and calcium will help you rehydrate your body.

2. There can be found drips of amino acids that contain components such as arginine and carnitine. These amino acids will help boost your metabolism and kickstart the prospect of your fat loss. 

3. You can consider the aspect of vitamin infusion as it takes an average time between 30 to 60 mins. This will give a jump start to your body, and provide you with all the essential vitamins within no time.

4. You can consider IV therapy to be used for vitamin infusion. Similarly, the infusion of vitamin C will help you achieve your healthy skin goals. Also, IV treatment will help you fight against skin diseases, even sun damage while assisting in the way of making your skin appear a lot more soft and smooth. 


Individuals who are diagnosed with nutritional deficiency diseases such as celiac disease, short bowel syndrome, colon cancer, etc, can consider the integration of IV therapy to improve their physical health. While recovering from an accident or some gruesome disease, IV therapy will provide you with electrolytes and vitamins that will help you attain your fitness level at a faster rate.