Weight loss surgery can seem like a maze. It’s a world that’s often misunderstood, filled with misconceptions. As a weight loss surgeon glendale az, I’ve heard it all. From quick, magic transformations to horror stories of complications. It’s time we untangle the myths, cut through the noise, and get to the real facts about bariatricians and weight loss surgery. Let’s take this journey of understanding together.

The Role of Bariatricians

Bariatricians are not just surgeons. They are doctors specialized in medical weight loss. They provide comprehensive treatment plans. They guide patients through the entire journey.

They don’t just perform surgery and send you on your way. They provide post-surgery support too. They help with lifestyle changes and maintaining a healthy weight.

Weight Loss Surgery is Not a Quick Fix

Many people think weight loss surgery is a magic solution. That they will wake up from surgery and be at their ideal weight. This is not the case.

Weight loss surgery is a tool, not a cure. It helps control hunger and portion sizes. It’s a jump-start to a lifestyle change. But it requires commitment and effort. You still have to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Not Everyone is a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery

Another common misconception is that anyone who is overweight can get weight loss surgery. In reality, candidates for surgery must meet certain criteria.

Typically, candidates have a body mass index (BMI) over 40. Or they have a BMI over 35 with serious weight-related health problems. A consultation with a bariatrician is necessary to evaluate suitability.

The Risks of Weight Loss Surgery

Like any surgery, weight loss surgery has risks. But it’s not as risky as some people believe. Horror stories of complications are rare.

In fact, the risk of death from weight loss surgery is lower than the risk of death from living with obesity. A skilled bariatrician can significantly reduce the risk of complications.

Post-Surgery Weight Gain

Some people believe that once they have surgery, they will never gain weight again. This is not true.

Weight gain after surgery is possible if you return to unhealthy habits. But with the right support and lifestyle changes, you can maintain your weight loss.


Weight loss surgery is a complex journey, not just a single event. It takes a dedicated team and personal commitment. It’s not a quick fix or a guaranteed ticket to thinness.

With the right information, you can make an informed decision. You can understand the realities of weight loss surgery. And you can start your journey fully prepared and ready for success.